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One area that gets a lot of attention is our “water” bill.  

In actuality, our water rates are low.  It’s really the sewer bill that makes us cuss at writing the check. 

Most of us have heard  stories about the financing side of our sewer system and how we are still paying on the sewer upgrades from quite a few years back.  

But there’s an elephant in the room that is also a major contributor to the expense.  

It’s not an elephant but more like a turtle!  It’s in most of your yards and it’s the grinder pump covered by the lid that looks like a turtle’s shell.

Because of our unique hilly terrain, and the need to pump a consistent “product” UP to the main sewer lines, these grinder pumps are a necessity.   

Not only are they not cheap, they also require maintenance, cleaning, repair, and replacement.   The pump itself costs about $1400.00 .  Add to that the plumbing, the electrical control system and labor to install, each “turtle” can cost upwards of $6,000.00. 

If we only needed a few grinder pumps the cost wouldn’t be so bad.  Prince’s Lakes currently requires almost 600 grinder pumps.  Now that’s a lot of grinder pumps. 

What did we do before?  

Years ago Prince’s Lake’s residents’  homes operated on individual septic systems.  As the community grew from a weekend getaway to a year round community,  septic systems began  leaching into the lakes contaminating them.  The solution was to install a system that required the waste to go up and not down the hills.  And while the system may not be inexpensive, it does its job in keeping our lakes clean and I think most people put a high value on nice waterways.