Street Department

The Town of Prince's Lakes Street department provides the following assistance to all residents. The Street Department performs street sweeping, snow removal, street paving and repairs. The Street Department also assits with the town clean up day. The Street Superintendent manages street and sign installation and maintenance, drainage projects, landscaping maintenance, landscaping projects, street right‐of‐way mowing, tree trimming, and other tasks.


  •  Evaluate the condition of all streets and parks, on an ongoing basis. Needed repairs and/or maintenance is necessary to maintain the Town’s systems in peak operational status
  •  Evaluate operations and activities of assigned responsibilities; recommend improvements and
    modifications; prepare various reports on operations and activities
  • Oversees department standards for responsiveness, service quality, open communication, safety
    and excellent customer service
  •  Recommend goals, objectives, policies and procedures to Town Council
  •  Provide assistance to other town departments, elected and
    appointed officials, and the general public
  •  Responsible for the effectiveness and productivity of the department

Contact Info

Mike Miller
Public Works Supervisor
317.933.2163 x3
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