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2022 Accomplishments


Wow! I am looking over the stack of pages submitted by the departments of our little town.  In this stack are written the many accomplishments of 2022. I guess I should stop and step back for a second and repeat what was said to me when I took on the task of this article—“We (Prince’s Lakes) have a great story to tell”.  And Prince’s Lakes has done quite a bit that many who live here may not be aware,  so here we go! Each year we hold three events that continue to grow in attendance. The annual Easter egg hunt had a great turn out this year, in spite of the gloomy weather. The super response of our community for the Town Clean-Up, filled up eight dumpsters and had trash picked up along Nineveh Road. And the Halloween Trunk or Treat event had a great turn out as well and we even served hotdogs to hungry trick-or-treaters. Did you notice the main park got more lighting? And with brighter LED lights it has definitely improved things. We also installed three barbecue grills and eight picnic tables. Two areas were cleared of trees and brush to give our residents more picnicking options. We also replaced the old water fountain with a human and pet fountain.  And the concrete pad for the fountain was expanded to be ADA compliant. Two additional smaller fountains are scheduled for the spring. And we’re not done yet. The playground surface (pea gravel) is being replaced with ADA compliant material so as to allow all who wish to play better accessibility.  And a basketball court is also in the planning stages with lighting. Grant monies from SCI REMC Operation Round Up, Community Crossings,  and The American Recovery Plan Act all helped to make these improvements become a reality. We had our first community survey this year to help assist us in prioritizing projects. Thanks to all of you who took the time to express your thoughts. The town installed plate reading cameras to help identify, stolen vehicles and identify traffic issues. Prince’s Lakes has had a new water tower added to improve water service. It is located in the north quadrant of our service area near Trafalgar on Highway 252. The final booster pumps were installed this year, completing the project. Our service agreement was renewed with Trafalgar. Prince’s Lakes not only provides water to our residents, but also to Camp Atterbury, Cordry/Sweetwater, Trafalgar, and the area north nearing Franklin. With so many relying on our water, we added some extra proactive measures to ensure service.  Included is a redundant waterline that runs from our wells, near Edinburgh, traveling under Highway 31 and Sugar Creek and along Hospital Road. With the assistance of our neighbors, Camp Atterbury, we also received a $516,000 grant from the Department of Defense for the planning of an inter-connection project with Edinburgh Utilities. This hook up further ensures reliable water service. Grant monies allowed us to purchase a portable generator that can be hooked up to any of our wells in the event of an extended power outage.  All wells have been modified for easy hook up to this generator.  Security improvements, including cameras, alarms, and fences were also added to all wells in water towers. Our Clerk-Treasurer, office personnel, and water utility staff have attended training and have received additional certifications so as to provide efficient service and to meet the ever-increasing regulatory requirements for their jobs. With all that I’ve listed there is so much more going on as we enter 2023. We just wanted to share with you some of the bigger projects that Prince’s Lakes has accomplished in 2022. Great Job, Team!